Sales Revenues Need A Boost?

Here are a couple of ideas.

"Autotrader"-like website for  your radio station.


Generate incremental ad dollars from tire retailer(s).


As featured in ... 

The radio advertising business has changed.  

You can't do the  same things today that you did in 2002.  Advertisers expect more. Advertisers want more than to run "spots" on your radio station.  They want ideas.  They want tangible, measurable results.

The good and digital work great together!  

Our programs take advantage of the powerful synergies between radio and digital media.   

Want more ad revenue from car dealers or tire dealers?

Our two sales platforms, CarPoint Automotive and, are easy to execute, proven to deliver results for the advertiser, and guaranteed to generate revenue for your radio stations.   Request a Demo

  • Each platform has been developed specifically for radio!

  • All platforms are mobile responsive.

  • We provide everything you need to get started - Custom landing pages, radio commercials, promo scripts, web banners, social media graphics, results/analytics. 

  • Setup is quick and easy (usually within 7 days).

  • Support and sales training are always included.

  • Barter may even be an option.  Contact us for details.

We know RADIO!

We bring years of radio advertising and marketing expertise to the table and offer solutions that can quickly generate advertising revenue for your radio station(s). 


Here are a few radio companies we've worked with:

Time to do something different!


If you want an effective and affordable way to grow advertising revenue?  Our digital platforms are proven, and they are priced to fit any radio station's budget.  

If your sales need a boost . . . request a demo.

Curtis Parcell, President

Over 20 years of radio sales and sales management experience.


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